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With BARCON Safety Solutions, workplace safety is our priority. 

  We are a full-service workplace health and safety company and our goal  is to provide effective services, programs, products, and training to  companies that require professional and economical safety solutions. We  serve businesses of all sizes and from a variety of different  industries, and we are committed to ensuring that our clients are  completely in tune with government legislation and regulations.

BARCON Safety Solutions' goal is to provide your company with a thorough and reliable understanding of health and safety in the workplace. 

We accomplish this through a variety of different services: our occupational health and safety services  ensure that your business safety procedures are in sync with the  Occupational Safety and Health regulations;  employers can also take  advantage of our professional health and safety training, which offers informative courses that will get your company in the know. 

BARCON Safety Solutions is committed to keeping your company’s safety solutions practical and sustainable. 

We serve Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico. Call 928-642-5040 now.

Services Offered

Safety Management Consultation

Employee safety performance is a dynamic  process demanding much more than simply providing them a list of safety  rules.   Poor safety performance leads to inefficient work process,  injuries and a high experience modification rate (EMR).  Any one of  these conditions can seriously affect profitability and collectively,  can put some organizations out of business.

Human performance and its relation to workplace safety performance  is well understood by the safety profession.   Essentially, every  injury is preceded by several error precursors and errors are a human  condition.  

BARCON Safety will help you recognize that people make errors and  when errors are most likely to occur.   Additionally, we will help you  develop and utilize tools to reduce the number of errors and mitigate  the consequences when an error occurs.      

3rd Party Assessments and Audits

Organizations know when they are experiencing  less than stellar safety performance, but struggle with identifying the  root cause.   Frequently, the cause is readily apparent, but is lost in  the minutia of dealing with the day to day production operations.

A 3rd party on site field assessment can quickly and efficiently  identify major impediments to a successful safety process.  Once these  impediments are identified, proactive measures can be developed and  implemented to move your organization to the next level.    Program and  field audits are useful in monitoring regulatory compliance and  determining if your organization’s safety procedures are being  implemented as intended.

Many organizations find it difficult to keep up with all of the  regulations covering employee safety.   Some invest in OSHA 30 hour  training for their leaders, but even this step only scratches the  surface of regulatory compliance.   The addition of a full time trained  experience safety professional to your staff may be out of reach in the  near term, but you need this experience to be successful.

BARCON Safety Solutions offers you the experience and knowledge to  help you provide your employees with safe work and a workplace free of  recognized hazards.

Safety Program and Procedure Development

Workers will give you what you ask of them and do so in a safe manner when you give them written safe work rules,  the right tools, and enforce your written program. While it is  impractical to write work rules for every safety regulation, each  organization must analyze their work process to identify hazards capable  of causing serious harm to employees. It is only after the hazards are  identified that practical safe work rules and procedures can be  developed and implemented. 

Request for Quotations (RFQs) often ask for copies of relevant safety  procedures and programs, e.g., Accident Prevention Manual, Fall  Protection, Trenching and Excavation, Respiratory Protection as well as  Lockout and Tagout, to name a few. Don’t miss out on an important bid  due to a lack of written safety programs and procedures.

Procedures and programs must be written in a readable, easily  understood format that compliments worker regulatory compliance. Let  BARCON Safety Solutions take on the burden of procedure development for  you, so you can concentrate on that next RFQ.

About Us

Russ Barringer is Managing Director and Principal Consultant with BARCON Safety Solutions.

Coming out of the US Navy nuclear power submarine program, much of his working career has involved construction, operations, maintenance, training and management in the electric utility  generation, transmission and distribution industry. The majority of his  time has been devoted to worker safety and health. 

Dedicated to the  development and implementation of effective human error reduction  process, he is passionate about establishing an efficient work process as the foundation of a safe working environment.  

Russ is a Certified  Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM),  and holds a Master of Science in Occupational Safety and  Health/Environmental Management. 


In the Occupational Safety and Health business,  experience and credentials mean something.  BARCON Safety is staffed by  an experienced and credentialed safety professional.

  • Certified Safety Professional (CSP) #22246
  • Certified Safety & Health Manager (CSHM) #2046
  • Fed/Cal OSHA Authorized Construction Trainer #C0088356
  • University of California, San Diego – Professional Certificate in Safety (Construction and Industry)

Client list

Energy Sector: BMT Scientific Marine

Maritime Sector: MK Industries
Utility Sector:  Arizona Utility Contractors Association (AZUCA), BPG  Designs, First Solar, Fountains Hills Sanitary District, California  State University Long Beach (CSULB)
Construction Sector: MGC Contractors, A to Z Welding  


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Russ Barringer

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